Hello there, I'm k-lfa, geek hosted from BZH, cybersecurity lover (and beer too ...)

the week, i'm cybersecurity consultant (specially auditor in penetration testing, SSI audit and risk analysis) also cybersecurity trainer at ESD Academy

Old sysadmin, i like build, fuzz and broken infrastructure, but i prefer do capture the flag (specialy pentest, web and forensic) and mostly with my team/friend

Also i'm treasured of BzHack association, an association build with my friends in the goal to animate cyber activity and make it accessible to all.

For finish i'm the dad of of a brilliant little boy and companion of an exceptional woman

For resume :

Love : Hacking, Risitas, 502 Error, root shell, his computer, last flag, last beer

Skillz : Offensive Security, Pentesting, Forensic

Superpower : Troll, super ball breaker, dirty scripts that work

{ where we're going, we don't need a root .. }

If you leave in the same world as me, that you like beer, that you want share your knowledge , or that you have detected an bug/error/vulnerability on this website, do not hesitate to contact me @K_lfa